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27th May 2008

Brent was bored, rolling in his vomit on the chapel floor. Lost his bankcard, then kicks inn bathroom stalls laced with urine...

Memorial weekend went sanely decent.
*saw half of the indiana jones movie(we left in the middle to go get weed)
*got the very top of my throat tattooed
*bought some Valentino jeans off e-bay
*still need to do my roots..
*pork steroid film protection
*seth finally heard from the scene that his girlfriends a dirty whore. Forgive her. So punch in her ribs and say you missed her
*some slut ate all my blue pills.
*ive concentrated more on penning all the trash in my head
*No pants, senator?
*darvans and vodka

im doing pretty well in class..seeing as how im only taking a retard math and a very early ART appreciation class. maybe its just the open book tests and the ingenious neon orange calculator. whatever.
----The parents and my brother are going on a vacation to the Dominican Republic june 14th. They will be gone for approximatly 8 days and im finna be chillen..smoking blunts in the house.

its only 10:34 and ive already smoked 2 blunts..dont have class for another hour.
Ive been having Albert Hoffman dreams.
Himmler cops sip raisin rum
Current Mood: lazy

15th May 2008

11:04am: bree breeeeee
im high as fuck.
chillen in the lab center at dbc.
i have a math class at 11 30.
whats been going down??
Current Mood: high

3rd November 2006

12:37am: whale cock skateboards
I had not taken a bath in a year nor changed my clothes or removed them except to stick a needle every hour in the fibrous grey wooden flesh of heroin addiction. . . . I did absolutely nothing..

I look Christ like in blue jeans.

Today consisted of:
† surfed this morning
† smoked some budds
† priest class at 12...which went well...if i go threw with it all the way, i can NEVER get married...which is fine with me
† went to beauty alliance and got some bed head dumb blonde shampooo
† my life is propoganda.
† skatepark.
† smoke sesh.
† swellbow like a mother fucker
† random acts of violence
† im so pretty i gotta let it show....
† Everything is vanity
† insane i am in my decayed brain
† Bloodstreaked vomit gushes from my mouth
† im inspired by pale skin, torment, and death
† i get to do my first sermon next sunday...im terrified
† Love extinguishes another love
† appearance is what hurts
† Kismet goes ahead without compassion
† I vomit the cross that destroys conscience
† im writing with my blood every name thats passed away..
† Plastic unicorns point at me
† hydroponic weed smoked through Clorox bleach
† ive had my share of drugs and television for the day
† pcp power trip nigg
† ANb Pharmaceuticals cares that you feel your drug
† fuck you for even making me have to think today...
† Satisfied with a mediocre lifestyle.
† i need an ashtray
† my faults and flaws have got the best of me.
† Judged by appearance, and misspoken words
† stoned again
† My virgin dreams are gone
† what is love when love means crying....
† You love to hate me and I love to hate you
† Sometimes beauty's a beast
† pleasure seems to be just a lie
† i dont mind writing tragedies
† im alone with me
† the day you forget how to dream you are dead
† drunken passion awaits me
† i saw the biggest penis ever today.
† call me maria.
† im too sick to eat but still hungry
† sid vicious likes weed
† i loose illusion about humanity

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♥I don’t care if people hate my guts; I assume most of them do. The important question is whether they are in a position to do anything about it

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting I have Christ tattooed above my vag...

my heart don't wanna think
my pain don't wanna laugh
my joy cannot despair
my mind can't stop to weigh my way

All power comes from God
All weakness comes from God
All knowledge comes from God
All ignorance comes from God
All joy comes from God
All suffering comes from God
All good comes from God
All evil comes from God
....I just dont agree on that shit...Why must you always stare, I ain't no fucking clown

-open my veins...i do it everyday.
Satan Would Sit In The Smoking Section But He Doesn't Like The Creepy Waiter
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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
♥ Severed heads dont roll quite as well as expected a perfect body bag prom queen waiting for her close up like a declawed pussy cat bleeding on my new rug that tied the room together so well club soda is an economically sound solution and sallow skin spoils if not properly refridgerated

So morbid I am
So insane I am
So dark is my grave
So blind are my eyes
So black is my blood
So strong is the pain
For I am dead

I died but still I can breath...vomiting will never end.
..laughing, i wash myself in blood

27th October 2006

12:00am: I've got a handful of nails and a crucifix
its just the drugs talking..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
displays of silver metaled razors laid on velvet
hiding a meaning only you vaguely knew
place them, near, the flesh you wear so thin
engraved a love on a pretty skin
drops of blood belonged;
perfect white fades to red resemblance stitches
a sweet sorrow to taste and you fall in love
the floor screams silence as it swallows your rosy gifts
inspiration derived in the loss of sanity
craving. a pain. for pain.
the demolition of your personal canvas
imperfect as the owner of this stained razor.......

I have the heart of a traitor
and the eyes of an angel.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

† my pupils are fixed and dialated
† I'll die like a tragedy
† A deep frustration's running through my veins
† I can only paint deadly smiles on my poor face
† I spit with joy on your blind ignorance and puke at your so called wisdom
† addiction is fucking painless..
† I have no sympathy for humanity
† I am egocentric
† Smoke drifts from my lips
† In a glimpse of an eye I admire my beauty of my pathetic reflection in the dusty mirror
† Nobody's listening, so I talk to myself
† Dry tears are pouring down on my skin
† im drowning in a nihilistic dismay
† No love allowed to enter my world
† death is my lust
† I want to cut my veins
† shapless beauty...
† I feel the stench of a putrid life
† im surrounded by fucking lies
† Anguish on my side, sadness as my friend
† i was raised in the Hood by cracked out fools
† Crystal meth lab raid
† My flesh is ripped right off the bone to feed the mouths all but my own
† a scene celebrity
† Sitting in the dark
† drinking my own blood
† I never question my sanity when the Lord of the Dead is watching over me
† Blackened heart that's beating bloodless
† My smile, your mistake...if only you were single...
† I'm pissing into the wind
† I'm in love with a decomposing zombie
† Your body on the floor -- a Kodak moment
† Vote for me and I'll legalize everything

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
----I have written the soundtrack to the end of my life

Borne... void... nothingness
Strapped in my insane asylum

I write, you read.
You dance, I scream

Living life in denial of death, fearing death in denial of life

fucking Cranked out carnies

All I want for Christmas is a custom fit casket with black velvet interior... Oh yeah, and a bucket of chicken
Current Mood: high

23rd October 2006

12:07am: It sucks living life on the wrong side of the ugly stick.
every time I think everythings going great, something terrible happens.

congradulations to myself for having the worst fucking luck in the entire fucking world.......

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How would you live in a world without pills for everything?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
† jail is not a sanitary place to be
† dont take 7 xanax bars and then drive. the result is tragic
† your so-called "friends" run away when the cops come and leave you with EVERYTHING
† totalled my car.
† dad shut my phone off
† the same night I got my other monroe piercied it closed up in jail...
† the $1300 dollars I made this biketober fest is all going to court fees and probation
† 2 skateboards and 300$ worth of make-up was stolen out my car when it was impounded...karma is a cunt.
† the beatles and outbreak keep me going
† strippers gave me mesculin and morphine
† i got this awesome shirt that says Recyle everything, Eat shit
† house arrest sucks
† surfing with blonde boys everyfuckingday keeps me sane....somewhat
† got fired because the boss's girlfriend hates me just for the way i look and thinks im going to be the cause of their divorce....shes fucking retarded. her husbands gnarly looking as fuuck
† with all my free time now I have lost an excessive amount of weight and I really need an eyebrow waxing
† ive never felt so alone...
† nothing but Harmony Korine movies at night with my cats
† i broke a rosary and lost Jesus
† ive never been hit on so much in my life and been asked out on so many dates.....yet i still go home by myself every night.
† Nosebleeds and psycho babble

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fucking christ, i need to smoke a blunt.

excuses are like assholes and yours stinks.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Current Mood: morose

13th September 2006

1:10am: The tragedy of a track marked beauty queen.
Here goes nothing...

† im a terrible friend.
† my boyfriend is gorgeous.
† pills for breakfast.
† loosing weight. 111
† foundation brushes are the shit.
† Can’t get the mascara off the upholstery.
† stoned since '98
† my hopes are far from high
† im in lust..

hopefully this wont result in a tragic ending.....im trusting you.
The alcoholic is the last true hopeless romantic.
please be decently gentle with my heart, for it is too fragile to be in trembling hands,My touch has the timing and precision of a car wreck.

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This is nothing personal.
Current Mood: loved

20th August 2006

11:14am: brodood
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

i forgot how much i loved CUNT.
how the fuck could i forget?

cordial ladies calling my phone and sounding o so sweet, then go talk shit behind your back.....nigga i dont give a fuck...imma still listen to Guttermouth fuck.
judge me.
your best friends with a 17 year old whorebag.
judge me.
i listen to minor threat and big wig....holy shit.
judge me.
i like sex.....last time was great...hows yours?
judge me.
get mad that i hungout with your fucking boyfriend...i mean ex, who introduced me to some really good death metal and instramental shit....sorry i didnt fuck him...thats all you, i have better taste.
nigga judge me.
yell at me because someone wants to get knuckle tatts.
i dont give a fuck if she got ANAL CUNT tattooed on her fucking forehead.
you call me a whore when im sure youve sucked twice as many dicks as me and fucked 10 times more dicks than i have.
i dont judge you. cuz i dont give a fuck. do what you do.you aint shit.
judge me.
aint NO ONE trying to take shit away from you..especially not me. you aint got nothing i want.
so my best friend happens to be your worst enemy and vice versa...im sorry. get over it.
your pretty. thats the best compliment im going to give you.

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and the drama starts once again.
i fucking love daytona trash.
i forgot how well i fit in.
Current Mood: content

1st August 2006

1:39am: All these whores have conceded the war
Where do I begin.......

Where is my head?
Where is my heart?
apparantly not with me.

I've been slurring my cadences and blacking out when I stand.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

for once i am speechless.
farewell to a life i once lived based on cocaine and rotten sex.
farewell to the people that used to be my friends. You are disillusioned mercy FUCKS

I start art school in whorelando in october.
and im going to be moving there.
finally away from daytona like ive always wanted.
and now im actually sad about leaving.
as much as people hate me here, this is and always will be my comfort zone.

† † I have no lover and he has the prettiest eyes.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

and not photogenic by any means.
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Current Mood: gnarly

3rd July 2006

2:42pm: once again the scratchy voice spoke Bloodlust.
The curse of the pink acid washed jeans....

Ill be straight forward. I racked myself on a not so dull piece of metal last week and ruptured my urethra (the inner pee tube).

ive been wasted since the accident and ive had writers block for weeks and weeks.

we bought 100-proof from an 80 year old woman out of her window.

surfed this mourning.
at work.
i want the new Alva deck we have. its $77-----just for the fucking deck.

show last night was fun.
i just want to smoke.
Current Mood: weird

29th June 2006

12:07pm: ill never die for the government. fucks
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† † †

I havnt updated this thing in a long fucking minute.
shits fucking wild.

Life right now is basically:
♥ surfing every single mourning
♥ stone edge takes up half of my days..which i dont mind
♥ im going to be off probation in less than a month
♥ been passing all my piss tests....yesss
♥ boys are in my life, but only as friends at this point
♥ ive been sex free for a little over 7 months
Jesus Christ
♥ smoke in the graveyard every fucking day
♥ samantha and i hangout practically 24 hours a day, everyday
♥ watch alot of skate videos...mostly keg killer
♥ warped tour was fun. besides the endless amounts of rain and all the vodka that was consumed
♥ got a new puppy. miniture shnouzer named Roxy. shes too cute
♥ sounds of the underground in less than a month
♥ my parents are going out of town the end of july.
fucking stoked.

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When i'm laying in a pool of blood i will think of you, and with the one last breath i take i'll scream your name...

I do not believe that sex has an inherent power to transform the world. I do not believe that pleasure is always an anarchic force for good. I do not believe that we can fuck our way to freedom. But this is not what the discourse of sexual repression tells us. In that discourse, unleashed sex has enormous disruptive potential. Minority forms of sex have to be repressed or the social contract will hang in tatters. People will look to their friends and lovers for warmth instead of to their biological families. Women and children will have no protection from male violence. Work for the sake of work will cease to be valued. The nine-to-five, five-days-a-week wage labor that is the foundation of commerce will be disrupted by bored and frustrated workers who use any excuse to come in late, get high as often as possible to alleviate their tedium, rip off their employers, and spend their evenings trying to pick somebody up in a bar or going to political meetings organized by antisocial elements. Nobody will go to church. Children will be thoughtlessly conceived and carelessly reared, and venereal diseases will flourish.
This is, of course, in wild opposition to our present system.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
the weekend needs to hurry up and get here.
im at work.
xm radio is playing fucking ska hour.
fucking romper stomper soundtrack finally came in at atlantic sounds.
stoked as fuck brah.
Current Mood: crushed

13th June 2006

11:22am: I wouldn't recommend sex, drugs or insanity for everyone, but they've always worked for me.
† † †

I wouldn't dare go to sleep with you wandering around with a head full of acid, wanting to slice me up with that goddamn knife.

my life in a nutshell (right now):
-skinhead music
-samantha's company
-lack of.....well pretty much everything
-continuously breaking plans with people due to lack of trust....
-no waves
-thick layers of tar and disappointment coat my heart.
-haggard coughing
-12th time watching Gummo this summer
-akward silence.
-disturbing private calls from mike crehans FAT ass at 2 in the mourning
-massive amounts of laundry that are in desperation to be cleaned
-life is: somewhat annoying at this point.

mostly because of these 2 whorebags
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
dirty crotch.
and a slight wandering eye.
I feel the same way about disco as i do about herpes.

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.

Every now and then when your life gets complicated and the weasels start closing in, the only cure is to load up on heinous chemicals and then drive like a bastard from Daytona Beach to Las Vegas ... with the music at top volume and at least a pint of ether.

so in one giant gasp the trees started breathing instead of making air like a bunch of punk ass bitches....Jesus.

ill get the last laugh When all the ovens melt down all the condos and drizzle into the sea and wash up on an island somewhere in a pile . . . with housewarming parties to be planned; i'll be secretly building a boat made of buildings. muahahaha.
-----totally fucking lost it.

explains it all...
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

ive seen things that make it difficult to breath and make my heart skip beats.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting its OK to be alone.

♥ ♥
Current Mood: high

8th June 2006

9:35pm: dirty needles. bitch

so working at stone edge has been gnarly as fuck.
mon-fri and weekends off.
siick brah.

this is what my summer has consisted of.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

been out surfing everyday this week.
to shitty waves.

lost 7 pounds.
and now im at home watching the mtv movie awards because im sick as fuuck.

and heres samantha after she threw up all over the side of my car.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
hahaha that bitch still be cheesin it.

plans for the weekend:
metal lounge
possibly a st augustine surf sesh.
jazzy judy's tomorrow night nigg.
-i want these black and lacy high heel boots.

and this band rocks my socks.
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Current Mood: sick

31st May 2006

11:35pm: i had our house put on a convertible roller skating elephant with polka dots

so i start my job at stone edge skatepark tomorrow.
im pretty fucking stoked.

my fucking brain is fried with all these mallicous thoughts....mainly im down the point in my life where i have people who love me...parents, family, and friends, but as much as i hate to say it, thats not enough.

what i am lacking is that passionate love that you can only get from that one special person.
who im pretty sure im never going to find...

that love where you get goose bumps when they touch you.
and that sensual kiss.....and skin against skin.
side by side.
eye to eye.
butterflies in my stomach every time i see them.
that all seems so imaginary to me.
its so selfish in a way.
i want someone all to myself.
to know every inch of their skin.

i havnt had any of that in so long that i honestly dont even know what it feels like to kiss someone.....

im really not making any sense, even to myself.

i dont know where the fuck i went wrong.

this is what ive amount to
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
a perfect waste of life.
a pleasent disease.

and my heart has been stolen from someone who i hate.

and what the fuck am i suppose to do now?
turn to this?
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
what good will it do me out of all people?

i took 2 xanex and smoked an assload tonight.
skin head music rocks my fucking socks.

i hate fucking nazis though.

Current Mood: wasted

23rd May 2006

11:50am: And then you notice about six huge hairy tits swelling up on your back
no fucking waves for a while.
well at least a week. laaaammmeee

Ah, devil ether. It makes you behave like the village drunkard in some early Irish novel. Total loss of all basic motor function. Blurred vision, no balance, numb tongue. The mind recoils in horror, unable to communicate with the spinal column. Which is interesting because you can actually watch yourself behaving in this terrible way, but you can't control it.

I have to go see my probation officer and take a piss test all before 4 today.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

this would be day 2 that my little cat Mixie is missing.
my heart just fell out of my fucking ass......if she doesnt come back by tomorrow and the humane society and neighbors still havnt seen her, im fucking dead.
that thing is my life.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting♥ ♥ ♥

ive went almost 8,000 miles without an oil change.
i think im due for one sometime today...or tomorrow.
and i still have to get my license re-instated.

wow, things really seem to be looking up....HA

i want my zombie tattoo

Current Mood: blah

15th May 2006

11:55pm: nothing gold can stay. and im allergic to fucking gold
I honestly in the most selfish way possible fucking hate seeing couples who are happy.

not that it angers me really, its just depressing.

i dont understand why people go there whole entire life (if they dont already have a significant other) searching for love or companionship.

is that all we're made to do?
we dye our hair, tan and exfoliate our skin, and buy new shoes and cake on the lip gloss and wear revealing tops all just to attract someone else. whether it be same sex or not.

we go out to clubs and bars to mingle with others.
we have one night stands (not everyone) just to fulfill our needs at the time.

and then when you think you've found THE ONE it usually just turns to shit and you end up hating that person after shit turns sour and you find yourself saying all these mean, hurtfull words to this person that a few months prior you were laying in bed with them half nekkid telling them how much you loved them, touching the creases in their arms and starting at their pores because your faces are that close to eachother.

i think the saying that theres someone out there for everyone is semi true...but what if your someone tragically died or ends up with your old friend?
then you find yourself alone again with nothing but thoughts and remorse from your friends.

then you get ready to go out again, dressed up in pink stillettos and a plain black t-shirt with a bleeding through pin stuck on your right collar bone thinking your going to be someones eye candy for the night.

and what do you get out of it...besides a broken heart or some STD in the morning.
how can you sleep with someone you've known for not even a full 24 hours knowing that your never going to see them again?

how did i do it 6 months ago?
im disgusted.

now im rambling....
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
this isnt too much to ask for, is it?
Current Mood: depressed

14th May 2006

11:47pm: Drugs are good, they make you do things that you know you not should
♥ ♥ ♥
after all the bullshit that took place over the past 2 months,
i can finally say that im going to be alright.

minus the fact that im jobless, broke, and single.
could be worse.

i need not be so damn negative all the fucking time is what i was told today.
why do i have this 'ugly bullring" in my nose.
im soo irresponsible (sp)
i smoke too much.
i need to grow up.
my dress attire is unattractive.
im a mess.
i wear too much make-up.
im vulgar
spaced out
burnt out
sexually frustrated
eyebrows need waxing
nailpolish is chipped.
split ends
drive a bucket of shit
and i still manage to smile EVERYDAY.

the good things in life really are free.
you just have to know where to find them.
so someone please fucking tell me if you happen to find these so called free fruits of nature, because i sure as hell havnt found nothing but a pile of cow shit and a corner full of moth balls.

id advise everyone to not get too close to me.
i tend to turn people to more of a mr. hide.
blessed be....

cheap rum and mango blunts is what the rest of my night will consist of.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting this is what i look like in the mourning
Current Mood: melancholy

10th May 2006

4:16pm: i'm just admiring the shape of your skull
♥damn, i never realized that Casey and Mike Crehan were such BASERS.

poor kids....

a sheriff just called my cellphone and told me casey was at the police station trying to make a report about the "threating message" i left her something about fucking up her car at the mall.
which i left like almost a month ago because she called me saying she was gonna beat my ass and slash my tires.

she just wants me to go back to jail so she and mike can be together, and she knows that if im around he aint gonna want her ass cuz shes ugly.

I know Mike told her to save the message and report it to the police so i go back to jail.
thats ok tho, cuz i know his address and i know where he hides his coke and i got so much dirt on that fuck....but i aint a snitch like that, and karma is a bitch, so i wouldnt even do him like that.

even though i hate his fucking guts.
wow, things really seem to be looking up for me.

more great news:

im on suspension from work right now, which basically means im fired.

time to go job hunting.
fucking christ.

i watched the nightmare before christmas last night.
i love that fucking movie.

summer has started out for the worst.
minus the fact that i have samantha, and a whole new set of paints.
the rest of my months will consist of"
drug tests
nude beaches
new hair
new major
warped tour
road trips
same car
same best friend
new tattoos
and getting smashed

im done being a drama queen.
keep that shit away.


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting I love this fucking girl

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting it's been 5 months since you died. i still miss you like fuck. you were/are my best friend and im still oblivious to everything thats happened
Current Mood: aggravated

9th May 2006

10:34pm: she got the police comin after me
so by now EVERYONE and their fucking grandma knows ive been in jail for the past 2 days.

that shit sucked. i fucking hate cops more than ever.
i smelled like shit and prostitutes.....they put me with all the crackheads and meth-basers and fucking all sorts of fucks.

i spit in a few cops faces and called them cunts, so they found it necessary to handcuff my feet, hands, and waist then wrap a few chains around me.

then i had to go in front of the judge like that....but he still dropped my charge, and now i only have possesion of narcotics.

which will also be dropped as soon as i pass my piss test.
so i have until tomorrow to get clean.
but i did make a bunch of friends.
and got my hurr braided as soon as i woke up by some black hoe. haha

i dyed my hair blue and im gonna go get my lip piercied once more.

i hope im not fired.


jerryann is trying her best to avoid everyone i know and everywhere i could possibly hangout at.
i cannot wait to see that haggard HIV-infested whore.
that bitch wont know what hit her.
im going to chop off her hair after i beat the blood out of her than stick a big huge black dick in her mouth and take pictures of it.
so mean.
but i dont give a fuck.
whores deserve it.

havnt had sex in a few months.
dont care.

corpse bride, romper stomper, dogtown & z-boys, devils rejects, and charlie and the chocolate factory on DVD. all for $20

i love sam and katie.
thems is my peoples.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting blue shoes....and my evil cloud tattoo on my foot

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting wasted

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting smoke

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Current Mood: high

6th May 2006

10:46am: 882 3086
just when i thought it couldnt get any worse.......

i hate coke whores and basers.
sam got her septum and monroe piercied yesterday...she is becoming quite the clone.
i fucking love it.

jerriann is trying her hardest to stay away from me.
fucking cunt.
im going to beat her bloody. then leave her to rott.
after i cut all her hair off.

shows seem neverending to me now.
i love the fact that all those kids think im some kind of strung-out heroin addict
it makes my social life more entertaining.

sam's is becoming the death of me.
i get sick about every other day im there.
thats fucking gross.

how do you turn straight edge two days after doing an assload of coke?
oh yea......because you got everything fronted to you, so your probably going to be broke for at least a month.
fucking BASER

but im not going to hate.
ive already been there and done that.
only difference is I NEVER had to pay for my fucking drugs.

today im going to be at the beach all day.
melbourne that is.
theres a tattoo convention and decent waves.
and its sponcered by Redbull.

im going to dye the black part of my hair blue.

im way too pretty to be so stressed.
fucking conceded asshole.

Current Mood: predatory

1st May 2006

11:14pm: when will the maddness end?
so im noticing this pattern with all my relationships....well the past 4 or so anyway.
I'm the one that always ends up getting cheated on.
Jesus fuck Christ.

after all my years of scandal and betrayal that ive put people threw im finally getting fucked over in the end.
the world makes sense once again......

I got a free bag of pot and 10 dollars in my bra from it though.

ive been stuck in december for nearly 5 months now.
its like this horrible LSD trip that will never go away.

I cannot believe what a dirtbag ive turned into.

went shopping for records at the flea market this weekend.
and surfed.
its getting better out.

vodka flavored smoothies fuckface
Current Mood: morose

25th April 2006

10:44am: Holy Jesus! What are these Goddamn animals?
"You can turn your back on a person, but, never turn your back on a drunk. Especially when it's waving a razor-sharp hunting knife in your eye."

*no coke or heroin for about 3 months now. woo hoo (thats without re-hab)
*tattoos on feet hurt
*surf everyday
*i smoke way too much weed and not enough cigaretts
*the new car i was gonna get this week ended up having its engine blow up completely.....so i still gots the beach cruiser
*local shows, nady ice, and hair dye is what ive been doing. by myself for numerous weeks now.
*Kyle and I went out by the train tracks by his house and smoked and drank beer to ourselves last night. So cute <3
*my 3 best friends happen to be the most preppy girls at Mainland. and i fucking love them.
*i need to focus more on my art since its almost summer now
*surf contest friday niggs

so apparantly its my fault that mike's dog ate one of his lorratabs(sp) that fell on the ground after he so foolishly threw my cellphone at me....and i didnt catch it. yes its totally my fault.
Fucking re-tard.

oh shit, i just got a text message saying i failed sex class.
how ironic.
i guess all those "attempts" of going to class did me no good.
since i only went to that class like 10 times out of the whole semester...if even that.

the new underoath is fucking great. compared to their last album which i personally didnt dig.

Kyle and I might go to the movies and see Silent Hill.
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6th April 2006

11:20am: Dont fuck. Dont drink. Dont smoke.
ugh im soo fucking over my life.

The more I try and fix things the worse they get.
Thats karma for you. I guess.

Its so hard when you have absolutly no one to turn to.
My "friends" are not my real friends. Just people i hang with sometimes.
Nothing more.
They could care less about anything...and vice-versa.

I'm used to being single. and alone. it's not a bad thing to me.
The only downfall to it, is that I get back into my constant drug use.
And I dont want to do that anymore.
Just weed. and occasional drinking.
My nose and veins need a long rest from all the abuse ive been giving them for the past 3 1/2 or more years.

There isnt ONE fucking person in all of volusia county that i can relate to.
The ones that look, talk, and act like me are all a bunch of bullshitting cunts who have no idea who they are or what they want in life.
and they are a negative influence to me, so i want nothing to do with them.

I can feel myself starting to slip away. my sanity anyways.

For the few of you, and you know who you are, Thank you for standing by me in these akward times. I really do appreciate it.

i got some new ink. a bit of alot.
pictures will be up sometime.

as for mike. we are friends. thats it.
never again will i EVER date him.
He's done me wrong one too many times. and i was a fool for staying with him as long as i did.
and if some ugly cunt baser ass coke head reads this, FUCK YOU troll.
I hate you, you lying sack of shit and you WILL get whats coming to you. believe you me.
it might be some rare type of cancer that will deteriorate your insides slowly, or you will be destined to be alone for the rest of your pathetic life.
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16th March 2006

11:55am: and with this ring i be wed
so i have the worst fucking nose bleed in history.

and I feel like shit.
and I have to go to work at 3.

So me and Miss Valerie Horn are friends again.
talk shit.
do what you gotta do......but I have absolutly not one bad thing to say about that girl.
and neither should anyone else.

I'm probably going to be moving inn with her and Lily soon.
3 blonde tattooed chicks with metal in their faces all living under one roof.
it almost seems too good to be true.

i want to get a job at my tanning salon.
and get paid minimum wage and tan for free.
that makes me happy ♥
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1st March 2006

9:45am: shes got a walk with a silicone cock sticking in her ass and one in her cunt
so im at school waiting for math class to get over.....

I have to turn in my paper on spontaneous combustion today.

So this serial killer dude is a fucking creep.
I saw the crime scene that the last body was found at by Mason.
Crazy shit...

I think i'm going to go surfing after class today.
and get baked bro ♥

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20th February 2006

10:39pm: fang fight wright
so school is going well....my death and dying class is the only one i have thats actually teaching me to cope with life.
how ironic that a death class would do that.

ive been locked away in my own world for a few weeks now.
the only company ive really had is 3 blunts, an ounce, and a dirty needle.
and of course the cats......

i am infactuated with Jazzy Judy's.
i cant wait to get paid thursday so i can get my nikki sixx doc martins.
soo fucking stoked.

the boy who i lost my virginity to found me on Myspace...haha.
he wants to hangout sometime.

i cant understand why so many people are going out of their way to try and be friends with me.
is that selfish to say?
they think just because my problems and my life is a bit chaotic that it would be cool to hangout with me?
what the fuck?
its like the meaner i am, the nicer they get.
bloody morons.

i get to be a class A zombie in the dead shall rise video...yaaay.
i love dead make-up.

my suicide girls shoot went well...for a while...until the photographer tried to get me completely naked.
i told him to fuck himself.
i think that turned him on a little bit...haha.
stupid cunt.

♥ i got a an alkaline trio ticket that mysteriously appeared in my room.

im going to go roll this blunt brah.

surf tomorrow morning before my 11 o'clock human sexuality class....muahaha.



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